Refurbishment and modernisation of electrical systems

Our service modules
Preventive maintenance for the safe availability of your machines and plants
Industrial electronics systems are very durable. With increasing age, faults and failures increase, regular operation is almost impossible. Unplanned repairs and machine downtimes then lead to considerable costs.
Our planned maintenance and servicing work serves to identify and eliminate weak points at an early stage. This effectively prevents production downtimes due to machine failures.

Services provided:

- Functional test and measurements of the controls and operating systems
- Visual inspection of control cabinets, cable connections, terminal points and devices
- Replacement and repair of faulty hardware, including terminal points and cabling
- Recommissioning and production support
- Update of the circuit diagrams
- Repair and spare parts service

Be on the safe side!!!

Accident prevention through VDE measurements according to DGUV regulations
DGUV regulation 3 (BGV A3) is a legal regulation for the safety of electrical installations and equipment in companies and public institutions. Every company is obliged to prove compliance with this regulation by testing all electrical equipment and installations in accordance with the standards.
We carry out the test according to DIN VDE 0100-600 and DIN VDE 0105-100 and deliver a professional test report, which guarantees the proof of the test according to DGUV regulation 3.

Services provided:

1. Visual inspection
- Detection and correction of external defects and missing labels
- General inspection, tensile strength Check clamping points
- Protective measures against direct contact (basic protection)
- Protective measures with and without protective conductor
2. Electrical test
Measurements with certified measuring equipment and logging
- protective conductor current, alternatively differential current or equivalent leakage current
- Protective conductor resistance and continuity
- Insulation resistance
- Loop resistance
- Touch current
3. Functional test
- Testing the polarity of contacts
- Test of the residual current protection devices
- Test of the motor protection devices
- Test of the EMERGENCY STOP chain
- Measurement voltage drop
- Rotary field measurement