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Evocon gives your team all the tools they need to improve OEE and understand the production process.

Easy to use. Easy to understand.Reach your production goals faster.

Evocon is a visual and user-friendly OEE software that automates the data collection from machines and provides real-time information about production performance.

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Start with Evocon and us and we will help you to monitor your machines in real time, free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.

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The core functions for transparent production

Take your manufacturing to a whole new level with tools that help make every shift a success.


ROI Calculator for OEE Software & Production Monitoring
→ Optimize costs vs maximize output
In general, we see that clients can expect a relatively quick return on their investment into production monitoring and OEE tracking when using Evocon.

ROI Calculator


Actual production progress in real-time
→  Shift View
Move beyond just guessing how your production shifts are performing and know precisely what is happening. Detailed information on OEE, downtime, quality, performance, orders and more – visualised and made easy for you to understand.


Keep track of what’s most important
→ Dashboard
No need to run complicated queries or wait for other people to run reports for you. Your dashboard is always up to date with real-time data, KPI-s and insights that can be customised to match the needs of every user in your company.


See the big picture
→ Factory Overview
Understanding how your factory is performing at any given time is essential in keeping the focus on the most critical tasks at hand and not wasting time. Factory view is a perfect tool for this, providing you with real-time information on all the machines connected to Evocon.


See how your production is progressing
→ Reports
Easily keep track of all your production data and discover opportunities for improvements with reports on OEE, time usage, downtime, quantities and cycle times. Custom reports also available.


Drive focus and generate results
→ Unlimited users
The most significant impact of digitisation is generated when all departments in your factory have access to gathered production data. Drive focus and get everyone involved with our "unlimited users" feature.


We like to work with your existing databases
→ Integrations
Evocon can be integrated with your existing databases and ERP system. This is useful because when all your production data comes together, it improves both the internal workflow of your organisation and the prospects of the company on the market.


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