The Drymatic Wall and Floor Systems are designed with our legendary heat boost box and an air mover to target hundreds of micro-jets of hot dry air onto the surface of a water damaged material. The impinging airflow at the surface of the material is required to break the surface tension and remove the boundary layer of moisture. The airflow also delivers controlled heat to the material, increasing the internal vapour pressure of the material and increasing evaporation potential. 

Wall and Floor systems are incredibly hard-wearing and can be walked on; you can also place equipment on top of them whilst in use. The systems can also be jet-washed, machine washed, or steam cleaned to remove contaminants at the end of the drying process. 

If you are looking to tackle a claim that involves difficult to dry materials such as concrete, brick, or hardwood flooring, the Drymatic Wall and Floor Systems are the ideal solution for your target drying needs. 

Some of the floors that have been successfully saved with this system in record times compared to the traditional systems ( e.g. air movers and dehumidification) timber floors, concrete, tiles, timber floors under tiles, carpet, underlay, subfloors, even the top down drying of thick wool carpet with felt underlay with a timber subfloor.

The Drymatic Wall and Floor mats come in different sizes, are all inter-connectable and can be joined together using a variety of connectors - you decide how large or small your target drying system needs to be.

One thing you’ll find these are a great noise reduction.


WALL MAT (4.0M X 1.0M) or (4.0M X 0.5M)
WALL MAT (2.0M X 1.0M) or (2.0M X 0.5M)
The Wall Mat is designed to be free-standing and doesn’t require any additional fixings to secure it in place. The product has a unique tapered design that enables the unit to inflate up against a wall and collapse neatly down on itself when the airflow is taken away or interrupted. If the airflow is temporarily removed, the unit will collapse and then re-inflate back into it’s original position on the wall.
The Wall Mat is flexible and can be folded around corners when working in smaller spaces.

FLOOR MAT (3.0M X 2.0M) or (3.0M X 1.0M)
FLOOR MAT (2.0M X 1.0M) or (1.0M X 1.0M)

WALL AND FLOOR MAT (1.0M X 0.5M) or (2.0M X 0.5M)or (1.0M X 0.5M)
The Floor Mat is designed to be placed on top of a water damaged floor, or it can be hung on a wall using the eyelets along the perimeter of the mat. Don’t worry about placing equipment on top of the products, they are designed to have an open internal structure that allows the air to flow around any obstacles.

The Wall and Floor Mat is flexible and can be folded around corners when working in smaller spaces.

FLOOR MAT TRIANGLE (1.0M X 1.0M) with or without holes
The Triangle Mat is designed to help interconnect mats that are running around corners in a property, or when space is at a premium and the airmover and Boost Box/Bar need to be run parallel to the mat system.

The 3m x 1m Transportation Mat is designed to carry warm, dry air from the Boost Bar to a mat that is suspended from a ceiling, or any other hard to reach area.

The connectors are designed to transport air from one mat to another so that you can inflate multiple mats from a single Boost Bar and airmover. The more joiners added the more even the airflow and temperature distribution will be across your setup.

Allows the connection of two separate mats directly from the outlet of a Drymatic Boost Bar.

Allows the connection of two Floor Mats across a doorway threshold
This connector has perforations and creates micro-jets of heated air that target the space in the doorway that wouldn’t be targeted using a standard Mat to Mat connector.


- Drymatic Wall Mat Spec Sheet (PDF)

- Drymatic Floor Mat Spec Sheet (PDF)

- Product Catalog (PDF)