State of the art - pyrolysis ovens

Pyrox bv, founded in 2012, develops and produces pyrolysis ovens used in thermal cleaning and recycling of materials.

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Pyrox bv designs and produces low-oxygen cleaning ovens for various industries.
In the paint industry, our ovens are used to remove paint and varnish from hooks, panels, frames and other parts.

In powder coating systems, all parts to be painted are suspended. These hooks need to be cleaned regularly, which is also the case in our ovens. For example, we have ovens at Robberechts NV in Turnhout and ABL-Technic Uden BV (NL).
Other applications include the thermal cleaning of baking sheets, heat exchangers, contaminated silicone parts... where our concept fits into the circular economy.

The lifespan of the cleaned products is significantly extended.

Our ovens are also used in the electric motor industry for the thermal decomposition of insulation, paint and resins, so that motors can be easily rewound.

The different oven models are equipped with the latest technologies.

The burners are modularly controlled, making the process more energy efficient, and the entire pyrolysis process can be monitored remotely via computer or Internet. Thermal cleaning is a very efficient, economical and environmentally friendly method for cleaning and reusing all types of metal parts.
Sustainability, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way of working, is of utmost importance to Pyrox bv.