Global players trust in our expertise just as much as medium-sized companies. Four reasons why this is so:

Individual solutions "made in Germany"

We develop high-quality, durable industrial furnaces up to 700 degrees exactly for the requirements of your production. This means: Perfect integration into your production process, taking into account all interfaces, efficiency and high profitability.

Tried and tested quality down to the last detail

Ease of operation with a minimum of personnel, high operational safety due to the intelligent automation of processes and the careful use of energy resources are among the most important features of NTH Therm's industrial furnaces.

Excellent service right from the start

From the initial planning to the handover of the turnkey industrial furnace plant, we attach great importance to close communication with the client. We offer personnel training at your site and are also reliably available for your company after the start of production.

Highly motivated employees with experience

The most valuable potential of NTH Therm are the clever heads of our industrial furnace construction team, from which the best ideas come. Experienced engineers and craftsmen work hand in hand for their ambitious goal: the highest possible customer satisfaction.